Having been using my BitScope for a while I thought it was time to update this !

InChiltern-20140425-00495 simple terms it does what it says on the box. For me it filled a gap as I could not justify buying a standalone digital scope, allowing me to progress a number of projects quickly. It is in regular use, for instance recently helping me to solve problems talking to a remote main RC outlet with my RaspberryPi.


  • Great value
  • Easy to get working with the DSO application
  • DSO application runs on a number of platforms – including a Raspberry pi
  • You get all the basic leads you need out of the box to get started
  • The DSO application is really quite powerful
  • You can now get it directly in the UK


  • The probes are not isolated so you have to think about ground reference, which can be an issue  [ the BitScope Model 10 does offer this option ]
  • The base product does not support ‘normal’ scope probes – [ but again they have a new product the – BitScope MP01 dual channel mixed signal BNC adapter which sorts this out]
  • It feels, physically quite delicate, in truth if I were wanting to use this anywhere other than a desk I would want something in  a box.
  • You do need a PC or other platform to use it
  • The other software [chart and meter] did not seem stable when I tried them but I am not sure if they are supposed to work of not with the Bitscope