This page is dedicated to the Pi-LCD.coverpic

The Pi-LCD board allows most common 16×2 LCD modules, including the newer full colour RGB backlit variants to be easily connected to a Raspberry Pi. The board includes 3 buffered drive circuits allowing full control of mono and colour RGB back-lights, together with 3 monetary push switches and connection points for 1-wire and I2C interfaces.

The Pi-LCD can be used in a number of ways, but particularly to speed up development of Pi projects needing an LCD display as it saves the need to focus on the display element.

Download  – Pi-LCD Instructions R4 [minor update 5/12/2015] 

Download  – Demo software and hardware interface information

[ Note this is no longer an active project, demo software / instructions have not been tested against current RPI operating system or latest h/w. That said most things should still work as there is nothing too clever here ! – if you do have a problem get in touch and I will try to help ]

The Pi-LCD was originally funded through a Kickstarter, this has now finished but I am still able to supply the boards built and kit form, please use the contact form below

I am also happy to supply custom configurations for 5+ quantities, for instance with the 40 way connector pre-fitted to make soldering that bit easier, or with a single colour backlit display to reduce the cost. please email me at:-  david@cd-vision.co.uk

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