TEC-1 & Z80


1st Power up for my TEC-1

This page provides links to useful stuff  about the TEC1 micro computer together with links to sites with information on the Z80 microprocessor Zilog_Z80

The TEC-1 Micro Computer

The TEC 1 is a single-board kit dating from the early80s based around the Z80. Instructions on how to build it were published in the computer Australian hobbyist electronics magazine Talking Electronics. The Magazine only ran for 15 issues which is a pity as it had the idea of giving away a blank PCBs for one of the projects featured with every issue and did not have any advertising!  A Retro Computing club in Australia recently got permission to re-make the PCBs. Having got one of the spare PCBs being sold-off on eBay I now have a fully working TEC-1D – Yay.

Talking Electronics  – you can down load PDF’s of all the magazines from here

Wikipedia – page on the TEC-1

Hans Otten  –  Retro Computing site with lots of information on the TEC-1 & other 8bit uP

TEC-1 FB   – Facebook page dedicated to TEC-1

Microbee – This primarily a site for people interested in the ‘Microbee’ microcomputer, but it importantly also provides a historic archive (including a lot of stuff for the TEC-1) for other Australian computer material, including documentation, code and circuits.  To access the archive there is a registration process which is explained on the site.

Z80 Information

The Z80 is an 8bit microprocessor introduced by Zilog in 1976.  In terms of code it is backwardly compatible with the Intel 8080 uP . From the hardware perspective the Z80 designs are much simpler to implement as the additional support chip functionality required by 8080 and other early processors are implemented directly on the chip.

Wikipedia – page for the Z80

ASM80.com  – an online assembler for the Z80

Z80 Heaven Home page  – Extensive collection of info on programming the Z80

Z80 Heaven Instructions set – An excellent interactive list of all the Z80 instruction set

ClrHome – Another interactive Z80 instruction set site