Random Pi notes

Since getting my first Raspberry Pi in May 2012 I have been keeping notes on how to do ‘Stuff’ this is mainly because as I get older my memory is behaving more like dynamic RAM with an intermittent refresh hardware problem [to explain see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_RAM]. Anyway I have decided to move my notes from a local Word document to my blog. Primarily this is so I can always access them, but also because others may find them useful.

Warning  / Disclaimer
I do not plan or promise to update / check the notes, the information was useful to me at the time so I kept of record of it or where to find it. As Rpi s/w develops some of this material has /will become obsolete. I try to provide links back to the source but again people do take sites down or re-name them periodically so again these may not work. If you do find something that does not work or if I have inadvertently included copyrighted information please let me know and I will sort it out.

Originally all the information was on a single page, I have now divideed it into subject areas to make it a little quicker to find things