The PiIMG_0573MuxClock is a simple Raspberry Pi add-on card, allowing you to create a basic digital clock and temperature display for your RPi. The key design goal for the PiMuxClock was to produce a low cost educational hardware project for schools and hobbyists alike. No buffers or serial interfaces just direct connection to the Raspberry Pi GPIO, programmable with simple Python code to drive the multiplexed display.


The PiMuxClock is driven directly from the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO with simple Python commands, to get you started fully working sample software can freely downloaded.

Extra functionality, As there was a bit of spare room on the PCB it seemed like a good idea to add the ability to display room temperature, this connects to the Pi via a simple 1-wire interface. Then to allow people to create a completely standalone clock I also added a socket to connect in the Adfruit DS1307 [ or equivalent ]  real-time clock board.  Finally an additional second rear connector is included providing access to 4 of unused GPIO lines, creating more project extension possibilities.

While I am no longer actively supporting the MuxClock I do have bare PCBs available.

  • Bare Board £5, here you are just purchasing the PCB, you will need to source your own components

Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will invoice you though PayPal.

Full build and operating instructions together with sample Python code is available via my GitHub site

[ Note this is no longer an active project, demo software / instructions have not been tested against current RPI operating systems or latest h/w. That said most things should still work as there is nothing too clever ! – if you do have a problem get in touch and I will try to help ]