The material here has been captured to work with the Raspberry Pi Rasbian distro

Change Raspberry Pi lost password

Follow these instructions – note you need access to a PC / MAC, with and SD card reader


Listing running processes


The top program provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system. Type the ‘top’ at the command prompt. It also show CPU usage and other info

Stopping running processess

Use the ‘kill’ command

Syntax  –  ‘sudo kill xxxx’   where xxxx is the process PID number [left hand column when you run the ‘top’ command]. sudo is needed if program is has been run as root – ie anything using GPIO commands


To find all the jpgs anywhere on the system

find / -name *.jpg

Find all the jpgs anywhere in the home directory and below

find /home -name *.jpg

If you are one of those people who sometimes uses capitals then use -iname

Find all the files owned by the user dms in /home and below

find /home -user dms

Find all the files modified more than 6 days ago

find / -mtime +6

[find can do a lot more – including running a command against each of these files]