First Post

The aim of this blog is so I can share the things I have been doing with my Raspberry Pi’s. In truth I have blown a little hot and cold on the Rpi since it came out, my initial enthusiasm being tainted by some limitations of the early software releases and problems getting a good power supply.

Although lots have changed and improved, particularly with the ‘NOOBS’ builds, it looks like most of my problems of late have been down to the ‘power saving feature’ of Realtek chip in my wifi dongle – turning this off produced a dramatic improvement in wifi stability for SSH sessions, check the following like if you have having similar problems.

At about the same time my wife suggested that I should use a Raspberry to control the water heater for her chickens and an idea was born….

About davidms49

Hobbyist / designer focussing on projects using RaspberryPi and more recently Retro 8bit processors
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