My BitScope Micro Has Arrived

bistcope 05 picAfter short wait while it was couriered over from Australia my Bitscope micro has arrived. The Bitscope Micro is a low cost analyser and dual channel scope that interfaces via a USB port. There are a number of these in the market but what exited me about this one is that not only is the display s/w available on PC and MAC platforms, they have done a specific port for the Raspberry pi so for the cost of a RPI + $145 I now have a fully featured 2 channel oscilloscope and logic analyser. I checked it out first on a PC which was fine and then got it up and running on a Rpi. About the hardest bit of the whole installation was finding my way around the BitScope website to instructions ! – for the record the Rpi I had to hand was a very early 256M model B but it worked fine.Chiltern-20140425-00495

The Bitscope hardware also includes a basic waveform generator so getting something meaningful on the display took not time at all.

First impressions.

The hardware worked straight out of the box, no physical s/w is supplied but downloading and installing the DSO application on a windows 8 Machine was very straight forward. I will add another blog post when I have spent some time using the DSO and other applications in anger but the basis functionality is certainly intuitive.Chiltern-20140425-00491

In terms of getting it working on a Rpi there is a great set of instructions on the Bitscope site but [ and this may just be me ] I do feel they could make them a bit easier to find !

Not unsurprisingly the DSO application does use a lot of the system resources, that said I created a simple python program to toggle a GPIO line and this easily ran fast enough for me to ‘monitor’ it with the DSO application running.


Very limited printed documentation is supplied with the Bitscope Micro, and frankly they might as well not have bothered at all give that the font used is far too small read comfortably   – but on the positive you can easily down load a complete set of documentation from the website

All in all I think this is a great product, I have only really scratched the surface with it so far and will post more in the future – there is a  new tab on the top level menu where I will try and capture anything useful I learn.Chiltern-20140425-00497

Check out the Bitscope website for more information



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