Raspberry Pi A+ all set for Christmas

IMG_0161Going minimalist for decorations this year. Still not quite sure what I am going to do with my new A+ after Christmas but I am sure I will think of something !

There are lots of reviews for the A+ out there so not much value I can add here except for the following 2 points / warnings.

  • when running the initial setup the SD card I got an error essentially saying the installer did not recognise the A+, – this is a known issue just ignore it it will / may have already gone away
  • The USB port mechanically feels bit fragile, again a number of people have highlighted this.  This can be a particular issue with some USB Wifi adaptors which seem to have a thicker ‘tongue‘  which can force the mating part of the RPi USB out of alignment. Another way to look at it, is that the USB connector on the A+ feels cheaper than those on the B / B+

In conclusion, my one sentence summary  – Great cost effective board for embedded projects with minimal USB interface requirements, but if you are looking for a Raspberry Pi to experiment with / use in schools / with children, go for the B+ every time

The Christmas tree is an excellent result of a KickStarter project from www.pocketmoneytronics.co.uk which arrived last week

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