Night Time Cat Monitor

3539cf8d-2405-4541-8806-c296627061fcThe picture is of my ‘proof- of-concept’ infra-red cat monitor, based around a RPi Model A , Pi NoIR camera and motion sensor. As a number of other people have found the IR LEDs are only really gocapture-20150312-230604od
for a metre or less, but is fine for this application.  At the moment I am driving them continuously from the 5V rail but will change that to switched operation in the next version to make the whole thing as battery friendly as possible. capture-20150313-004205The software is build on some simple Python code adapted from various other projects using the Picamera library.


About davidms49

Hobbyist / designer focussing on projects using RaspberryPi and more recently Retro 8bit processors
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