Ryanteck Pi Debug clip – my new travel companion

debugclipI’m away with work this week and want to be able to do some s/w development in the evenings for the Pi-LCD Kickstarter. In the past I have ended up taking an old wifi router with me, but thought time it would be a good opportunity to give the Ryanteck Debug clip an outing. Setting it up was a bit of a pain on the first PC I tried, but I suspect that was more down to the PC than the Debug clip. That said even with a more compliant windows 7 PC  I had to download the drivers from the Microchip site (a link to these in the instructions would have saved a bit of time).

With the correct driver installed attaching as per the instructions with Putty was simple and the serial link worked reliably over a number of hours allowing me to edit and run programs without any problem. One point to note is that COM serial port drivers do have a habit of ‘hanging’ if unplugged so –  be prepared to reboot the PC if you need to disconnect the USB lead for any reason. Pi-LCD with Debug clip

So in conclusion the Debug clip ‘does what it says on the lid’, setting up can be a bit hit and miss depending on the PC hardware but that is serial ports for you….

On the positive it has cut down my travelling Pi set-up somewhat which was the goal

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