Meandering Pi and Friends

IMG_0406(1)Over the last couple of months I have spent quite a lot of time experimenting with the BBC micro:bit developing various things including a model train speed controller.  This uses 2 micro:bits one acting as a remote control the other providing a PWM drive to the track. They communicate using a simple 2.4Ghz radio connection builtin to the micro:bit [you sort of get it free with the Bluetooth] .

You can get more details on it’s dedicated project page .

One thing which has been great to discover is that the Raspberry Pi works really well as a desktop environment – to program the micro:bit, either using one of the online tools such as the C/C++ mbed environment or standalone with the micropython ‘mu‘ application.

If you want more information I have created page focused on using the raspberry Pi to program the micro:bit.


If you haven’t had a play with the micro:bit I really recommend you get one and have a go. They are not a raspberry pi and never will be, but in terms of getting the ‘barrier to programming’ as low possible it is difficult to beat – not least you can be up and doing something in seconds from unwrapping it.

In recognition that I am now talking about more than just Raspberrry Pi’s on this site I am changing the name of the blog to  Meandering Pi and Friends . Hopefully I will be posting to my blog a bit more regularly as well …..


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