TF WordClock S/W Updated

IMG_2102Just a quick post to say I have updated the TF Wordclock s/w to rev 5, the existing rev 3 s/w was not working reliably with the Nov29 2017 Raspbian update, in truth it had been on borrowed time since early 2017 when there was a major change to the Max7219 library. This did not offer an upgrade path so the TF was stuck with using a depreciated version  of the library.

Luckily the library author, Richard Hull suggested a way I could implement required functionality with the updated library –  now called luma.led_matrix.

This has required quite an extensive change to the TF with English, French and Dutch Wordclock versions  now available – unfortunately Latin is not currently supported.

If you want / or need to move to the rev 5 code you should do this from a clean installation of Raspbain.

Staying with the rev 3 code this is fine but be careful not to do an apt-upgrade as you will almost certainly find your TF will stop working.

The Nano version is not affected by this change.

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