Re-purposed PiMuxClock

IMG_1711It’s been a good while since I have posted any blog updates, no excuse just distracted by life in general. This is quick weekend project at my daughters request. Concerned that some of the plants in her student flat would struggle in the cooler weather she requested a temperature display. Looking around the options I remembered my first Kickstarter was also set up to display temperature along with time. So a quick hack to remove the time element, change the board mounted DS18B20 sensor to cabled version and add max / min logging and it’s ready to take down to her.

Using it with a Pi2B is a bit of overkill but I am gradually changing out existing projects to Pi3s so have a few ‘spare’ hanging around.


The hardest bit was stopping one of the cats helping – I just managed to apprehend Pinky as she ran off with an ESP8266 board which clearly looked like a mouse to her !

I’m guessing the next request will be to add some form of push notification, if the temperature drops to a certain point but that is for another day.

The code is available on my GitHub site if you are interested.


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